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Saturday, 02 August 2008
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  • Cheating is not permitted on the server. If you are caught cheating you will be banned without warning. The server uses several anti-cheat programs to monitor all players while the server is up. Cheats include aimbots, wallhacks, illegal skins, foghacks, going under the map, abusing glitches, etc. This is your only warning. We play fair.

  • If you accuse someone of cheating, you must make a valid arguement or you will find yourself being kicked from the server. Just because someone is a good player, doesnt mean they are cheating. However, the admins are all ears and need your cooperation to prosecute any cheaters on the server.

  • Each and every area of a map is considered a kill zone, including spawn areas. If you are under attack in your spawn, find your way out of it. We do not want to hear players whine about this, this can work in favor and/or against each team. Spawn killing is permitted. There is no such thing as camping on our servers. If someone is hiding around corners killing you or doing something you consider camping, then quit walking into their trap like a dumbass and find another way to return the favor. We make the rules, if you don't like the tactics people employ then stop complaining and find another server that will meet your sensitive needs. At After-Hourz, it's all-out war.

  • Do not complain about the use of certain weapons like sniper rifles, SMGs, etc. If you've been sniped 10 times in a row, quit going that way, flank the sniper and bash their skull in, or grab a sniper rifle yourself and learn to use it. Some of our servers may have weapon restrictions - if they do it's for a reason. Don't bitch about it.

  • Under no circumstances is a player permitted to spectate the other team to locate the position of an enemy. If anyone is caught doing this you will be warned then banned. We have numerous resources to monitor this situation.

  • Admins will not tolerate the excessive use of in game taunts. Consistantly using taunts is annoying and we will not tolerate it. We have and will kick players for be annoying.
  • NO RECRUITING - Players are not permitted to recruit for their clans on our servers. We are a public community and if you are caught recruiting for your clan on our servers you will be kicked and possibly banned.

  • Any and all gripes must be conducted in the forums. The admins are on the server to play, not read.

  • If you have an issue with an admin or any other player, email an admin or use ICQ. Someone is usually available to discuss any problems you encounter.

  • Respect all other players on the server.

  • Obey your admins. What we say goes so do not get yourself in a situation where we are forced to make a decision about your status and future on the server.



  • When you sign on the TS server, you are required to identify yourself right away
  • No one is permitted to use TeamSpeak as a personal communication device.
  • All chat must be game related. You may sign on for tech support however players are not allowed to join unless they plan on joining the server to play. Priority Members are allowed to sign on to request an open slot.
  • No one is permitted to verbally abuse another member while on TS. Doing so will revoke your status with the TS and game server immediately.
  • When logging into TS, if you intend to join Allies, you must join the "Allies" channel, and likewise for Axis.
  • All pre-game chit chat must be done in the Lobby, and must be game related.



  • Members are not permitted to to verbally bash another member. We strongly suggest that if you have a problem with someone, before making a scene in the forums, speak to an admin.
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