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Saturday, 02 August 2008
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Autumn 1942 , The German 6th army has almost conquered the entire city of Stalingrad, however in the northern industrial complex the Russians stubbornly won't relinquish the fight for mother Russia. Thousands have died already but reinforcements from the eastern Volga bank brought have a new spirit to the battle. The southern most factory is the Lazur chemical plant, whose yellow brick buildings looped around a railroad track; the enclosed area was to become known for its shape as the "tennis racket." Soon this factory would be the scene of enormous carnage and ruin.

Tactical info

Playing as Germans you will notice the 1st objective ( Rail storage area ) is lost before you know it. The Germans should focus their defense on the Destroyed factory and the Rail Area. The rail area should be a hard nut for the Soviets cause it's very open and wide. The Destroyed factory however is more a close combat area and Germans need to organize to keep the Soviet sub machine gunners out of it. So pin the Soviets down on the rail area and cooperate the defense of the factory.

Once these both objectives are lost hang on to defend the Generator hall basement. This objective is accessible by three doors. The big red door needs to opened with a satchel.


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