Saturday, 02 August 2008
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After Hourz welcomes you to one of the biggest and most enjoyable gaming communities on the net! After Hourz is focused on providing quality multiplayer game servers, as well as a dynamic and fun community for clans and single players alike. We currently run public Red Orchestra, Battlefield, Medal of Honor Spearhead, and Call of Duty servers. All our servers run only the best custom mods and maps available.  We invite you to play on our servers, surf our website, and join our large gaming community in the forums. Welcome to After Hourz!


Saturday, 09 June 2007


After-Hourz is happy to announce we now have a new 50-slot Red Orchestra server up and running! Look for the following in your browser:

AFTER-HOURZ.com 50 Player Meatgrinder!!!

You can also connect at ro5.after-hourz.com

Enjoy people, and thanks once again to Tripwire for an awesome game, and to our mappers, modelers, and scripters for the perfect maps/toys to fill this server!


MOH:A D-Day Screenshots
Saturday, 09 June 2007


EA has released some all new screenshots featuring action from Operation Neptune.  Check them out in our gallery.

Battlefield 2: Forgotten Hope 2 Update
Tuesday, 05 June 2007

A new update has been posted on the Forgotten Hope 2 website. 


Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope 2.

First up this week are ingame shots of the German light armoured reconnaissance vehicle Sd.Kfz. 222. Driven by a Horch 3.5 petrol engine its 90 horsepower allowed a maximum cruising speed of 80 km/h and a cross-country speed of 40 km/h. The Sonderkraftfahrzeug 222 was armed with a 2 cm KwK 30 L/55 autocannon and a 7.92 mm Maschinengewehr 34 machine gun. It was modelled by Lude, Rad and AceS, who did the skinning and created the old SdKfz 222 for the BF1942 version already. And last but not least it was deployed into the game by ctz.






Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Release features custom map pack, increased player limits, and free guest passes for friends

Roswell, GA, May 31, 2007 - Tripwire Interactive today announces the release of a major update for Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45, the award-winning WWII online action game. The update, which includes 10 new maps, increased player limits and much more, is available to owners of the game for free through Steam, Valve’s digital distribution network.
Unreal Tournament 3 Release Date Revealed
Wednesday, 30 May 2007
For those of you gamers who've been patiently waiting to get your hands on Epic's upcoming frag-fest, Unreal Tournament 3, industry insiders are now stating a September 3rd release for the US and September 28 for Europe. The date for the release seemed to always be TBA 2007, so now that we have some solid dates keep an eye out of this sure-fire hit.

Published by: Midway Games

Developed by: Epic Games

Genre: First-Person Shooter
Release Date:
US: September 3, 2007
Europe: September 28, 2007

MSRP: GBP £34.99
Also Available On: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Features: Online


MOH Airborne this August, Forgotten Hope 2 this summer, now UT3 in September.   Summer/Fall  is looking good already!

Airborne Community Summit - Trip 2 - Single Player Hands On
Thursday, 24 May 2007


Back in November, AHGN was asked to attend the Medal of Honor Airborne Community Summit in Los Angeles, California.  On May 16th we were given another opportunity to see how far along the game has come since our last visit to EALA.  While last year’s follow up report was somewhat of a tease lacking specific game information, this time around we've been given clearance to post more information on some of the game's features.  November’s visit was a great opportunity to learn what EA had planned.   6 months later and 5+ hours of hands on gaming,  I am extremely pleased with what I had a chance to play in a pre-alpha build.  


Wondering what Airborne has to offer?  We had a chance to play it.  Don't miss out on our single player preview. 




 CLICK HERE for the full article - Hands On Single Player



Battlefield 2: Forgotten Hope 2 Update
Wednesday, 23 May 2007

The Forgotten Hope 2 website has been updated with some more information:


Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope 2.
It's been a while since we last showedcased new stuff. Today the time has come to change that. We would like to introduce a few features of the gameplay, 2 new vehicles and 2 handweapons.

First up this week we have some details of some of the gameplay features you will find in Forgotten Hope 2.

Push Mode

For those who have played the original Forgotten Hope, this will be a well understood concept. In Forgotten Hope 2, there are many improvements and refinements. Most notably, the avenues of attack and contention of capture points is shown and updated on each player's minimap. This provides clear and simple feedback on the progress of the map and is a great improvement on the confusion occasionally caused by Push in Forgotten Hope, or large volumes of text instructions seen in other mods which implement variations on this concept.

Artillery Reload Times

The spotting system has been overhauled. Grunts yell out loud. They do not communicate their discovery of enemies to their team via radio, nor is a red marker placed on the unit. Fireteam leaders do communicate spots using the radio. Markers are placed on enemy units using the binoculars. This provides increased atmosphere in two ways: much less radio spam, and soldiers close-by yelling to communicate.

Read More


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