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After Hourz welcomes you to one of the biggest and most enjoyable gaming communities on the net! After Hourz is focused on providing quality multiplayer game servers, as well as a dynamic and fun community for clans and single players alike. We currently run public Red Orchestra, Battlefield, Medal of Honor Spearhead, and Call of Duty servers. All our servers run only the best custom mods and maps available.  We invite you to play on our servers, surf our website, and join our large gaming community in the forums. Welcome to After Hourz!


Forgotten Hope 2 Expected Release
Thursday, 01 March 2007

Those of you that frequently visit our forums/TS can agree that Forgotten Hope 2 is the single most anticipated mod/game for our community in 2007.  To date, the problem has been lack of information regarding it's first release as the developers have kept everyone in the dark.  While we enjoy reading their boards and watching every poor fool who dares to ask the question go up in flames, we ourselves have been getting frustrated without a release date range. 

Today we learned that the devs  have finally budged and hinted a time frame in which we can expect a release.... Summer 2007.  This can be as early as June but as late as August.  Either way it's damn good news and something to look forward to.

In the coming months, AHGN will be reporting all FH2 news and events as well as updates we receive on the release date.  Be sure to check back soon and don't forget to visit the Official FH2 site for this weeks full update which contains some nice new screens and mod info. 

 Discuss this in our forums.....


Red Orchestra Contest Map Pack
Sunday, 25 February 2007


The devs at Tripwire Interactive have been amazed at the quantity of high quality maps that have been submitted into the map making competition. To help bring more recognition to these maps TW have put together a map pack of all the entries into the contest for both Phase 1 (Blitzkrieg) and Phase 2 (Deep Battle). The map pack will be available as an exclusive through Fileplanet for a period of one week starting friday the 23rd. After that it will be available through a variety of mirrors. 

Latest Word - Unreal Tournament 3
Friday, 16 February 2007
Reported on  www.gameinformer.com:

As very few people have actually gotten their hands on Epic’s newest iteration of the Unreal Tournament franchise up until today’s Midway Gamer’s Day, Epic’s Mark Rein revealed not only a new name for the franchise, but an additional platform.

Unreal will be dropping the year moniker from the name, and the game is now titled Unreal Tournament 3 instead of Unreal Tournament 2007. While originally slated to be released for the PC and PlayStation 3, Epic today announced that the game will also make its way to Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

Epic is sticking to a “When it’s done” mentality as far as a release date--they’re currently aiming for a second half 2007 release date. Whether or not all three versions will ship at the same time is unknown. Epic plans on releasing a demo for the PC version about a month or so prior to shipping UT3. Whether or not the company plans a demo version for the consoles is also up in the air.


After further research, it appears the expected date to hit the shelves is 9/3/07.  This has been rumored by multiple sources.   

MOH:A Airborne Drop
Friday, 16 February 2007


The Cinematic Look of Airborne - Part 2

EA has posted part two of their cinematic look of airborne.

Read Article

MOH: Airborne Airdrop
Thursday, 08 February 2007
The Cinematic Look of Airborne - Part 1

Finding a Visual Language - For Medal of Honor Airborne, developers are not only trying to bring new gameplay to the genre, but also to bring a new look to WWII and the Medal of Honor franchise. Artists on Airborne are once again establishing a strong visual identity within the WWII genre by reminding people of their favorite cinematic experiences, but also striving to keep players as visually excited by Airborne as the developers get by some of their favorite games in various genres.

Community Vote For Favorite Custom Map Contest Entry
Friday, 02 February 2007


The Tripwire Development team will decide which map deserves the top spot. How would the community decide if they had the choice to vote? Lets find out, what maps do you believe deserve to be in the top three, and which map deserves the top honor?


To keep the Red Orchestra community from influencing votes of the Tripwire Interactive staff, results will not be posted until the official results have been released.

After-Hourz is currently running the available map entries only in rotation on our server #1.

ro1.after-hourz.com or

Each map plays for one round with voting turned off to allow each map to get play time. So try out the maps and cast your vote. Thanks to all the mappers for their hard work in providing new content to RO and thank you to Tripwire for putting on such a great contest. 

Wednesday, 31 January 2007


We are pleased to announce that Slyk has been a very busy boy and has released updates to both of his Red Orchestra maps: Berezina and Tractor Works.  Both maps include the new 45mm anti-tank weapon among the other tweaks and fixes. 

The maps can be found in our DOWNLOAD SECTION.

More information, including change logs can be found in the forums.

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